Does anyone realize that when the New Year rolls around, text messages from all cell phone carriers are sent on a massive scale?  Millions of text messages are sent on cell phone networks on New Years with the simple title of “Happy New Year!” (plus or minus a few exclamation points).  This jams cell phone networks and the messages are delayed or simply not transferred at all.

Of course none of this matters much because most people are completely intoxicated with alcohol when sending their text messages anyway so most won’t know the difference if their messages don’t go through.  Either way, New Years is a once-in-a-long-while occasion and it deserves some sort of celebration.  But the cell phone networks currently take the brunt of the celebration and are not able to handle the immense spike in traffic.  Should the cell phone carriers spend more money improving their networks so that these text messages can go through?  Perhaps.  On one hand, if they improved their networks to handle such higher spikes in traffic, one side effect may be better overall service during normal operations…on the other hand, it may cost more money than it’s worth.  There are probably other service-related improvements they could work on to make the day-to-day chore of using cell phones that much easier to use throughout the entire year.

This is one of an indeterminate amount of random ramblings I intend to post here on the 2K Technica for now and until the next New Year.

So without further adieu…HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!


About Aaron

Avid computer software programmer and all around digital designer. I live for the challenge and excitement of computers and bending them to my will. Computers are a canvas for creating fantastic pieces of art that millions of people can interact with worldwide. That alone is reason enough to be a digital designer.
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One Response to HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  1. Cindy says:

    I agree – spend more time and effort improving day-to-day services, maybe then the spikes will take care of themselves!"Rambling" – good choice for a blog!!

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