The 2K Technica is Here!

Welcome to The 2K Technica, my first official blog and the first post in it!  Without further adieu, let’s get right down to it.

The 2K Technica is a technology blog that serves as a repository for my brain and an outlet for information exchange.  I will post entries from the unhelpful (random musings and ramblings) to the informative (tutorials, guides, reviews, and recommendations).  Links to software I’ve developed and software I recommend will be a key focus for many postings.  Anyway, let’s get down to business for my first post:  my very first Windows Gadget.

The Xbox 360 Avatar Gadget

I’m very pleased to announce my first Windows gadget.  This simple thing will let you put your own or any of your friends’ Xbox 360 Avatars on your desktop.  Simply click the wrench (which is the Settings button for all Windows gadgets), type in a gamer tag, then click OK.  The Avatar associated with that gamer tag will then appear.  From there you can drag him or her around to any place on your desktop (click and drag on the Avatar’s feet to relocate).  If you click on the Avatar’s head, the person’s gamer card will be displayed allowing you to see all their stats.

You can drag as many of these gadgets as you want onto your desktop and each can display a different Avatar so you can have you and all your buddies on the desktop at once…in perfect harmony…or not (your choice).

My gadget has been submitted and is currently pending approval on the Windows Desktop Gadget gallery, I’ll let you all know when it gets approved and is available for download (below is a snapshot of the status).

How to Add Gadgets

Well in case you don’t know already, if you’re using Windows Vista, gadgets are contained in the Sidebar on the right side of your desktop.  You can add new gadgets there (click the little plus symbol at the upper right).  If you’re using the new and improved Windows 7 you can simply right-click on desktop and click Gadgets.  This opens up the gadget window where you can drag the gadgets you want onto the desktop.

The End

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more new posts and let me know what you think so far.  Comments?  Suggestions?  Shut the hell up?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.  Thanks for your time.


About Aaron

Avid computer software programmer and all around digital designer. I live for the challenge and excitement of computers and bending them to my will. Computers are a canvas for creating fantastic pieces of art that millions of people can interact with worldwide. That alone is reason enough to be a digital designer.
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2 Responses to The 2K Technica is Here!

  1. Rod says:

    Downloaded the Avatar gadget and its not working. Doesnt seem to matter what gamertag I type in nothing happens. It just stays on the default icon. I\’am using Windows 7 if that helps.

    • Aaron says:

      Hi brian, I’m sorry the gadget isn’t working for you. I’m way late in responding to you (my previous blog host did not provide me any notifications when comments were posted). I had no idea you had this concern until now! If you happen to stumble upon this comment and this blog again in the future, please let me know if you’re still having this issue. There could be a multitude of reasons for why the gadget didn’t display your avatar properly and I would like to have the opportunity to fix them for you.

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